Imagine, you can increase your e-mail newsletter subscribers exponentially within a few days – and with very little effort! You mean this is not possible? That’s it!


Do you learn step by step how you have a page similar to einrichtest for your niche and your newsletter subscribers steigerst with your fellow bloggers!


Since 4 years now I’ve been blogging professionally and have learned during this time incredibly a lot. In all the years I have had over 2,000,000 readers on my blog, get over 50,000 fans on Facebook, up to 40,000 Instagram users who have followed me between time and collected over 7,000 e-mails!

Correct much and successfully for one or the other. With Off The Path but I have done right the first time many mistakes that I could not iron out over the years. Permalink structure, positioning and branding were and are still a problem plus some other stuff.

On November 10, 2014 I decided after nearly 12 months of pondering to take the next step and write about these issues, but also successes and have put online – the blog about digital business and travel!

The purpose of my blog is to bring the digital nomadism closer to the man or woman and give practical advice on how my readers be able to live the life they want and what I live since about 3 years. I work when I want, I work when I want and I work as I want!

But a lot of work to position this new blog correctly, was required. I have written several guest posts, created infographics, Round Up published posts and gradually I could in the first month already has 500 € deserve, in the second month € 1200 and be in the third month € 1.500.

Thanks to the Survey Calculators and a free eBook, I have gained in the first two months over 700 e-mails. More than I had collected in the first year with Off The Path. But I was hungry for success and wanted more! Although Work Travel Live is still very young, I had 700 subscribers after two months is not enough. 

So I am critical create. A platform on which several books on the subject of digital nomadism are offered for download. To get one of eBooks, a prospective customer by e-mail must subscribe to Newsletter of the respective ebook authors.

Thus, the reader not only many great books to choose from on one side, but also the eBook authors get a platform to present themselves together. But the best part: every eBook author so also has the ability to get many new newsletter subscribers and readers!

For this they had only one email to existing newsletter subscribers send, and communicate about their social media channels.

So I asked all my digital nomad bloggers, whether they want to exchange a newsletter. Not in the sense of „I’ll give you my 700 newsletter subscribers and you give me your 2.000“, but in a very natural way, as we can all position ourselves as experts who can do the readers something good, capitalizing yet!

All except one were right there and put in a few weeks their freebies available. The created a whole new freebies, others took her old documents and gave them a new design or content-update. For most of the action was hardly of extra work!


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